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As a youth work organisation, we have a person centred approach to practice and focus on developing relationships with those that we work with. This takes place across our different projects.

What do we offer?


NEP is an alternative education programme for young people that have been excluded, are at risk or exclusion or have been missing from school.

Youth Night

Youth Nights take place every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and are a fun, safe place for young people to take part in activities and learn.

1-1 Support

This provides young people an opportunity to speak on a 1-1 basis with a member of staff about worries or issues they face.

Play Away Residential

Frequent residential trips to Play Away, Yorkshire, provide our young people with opportunities to learn, develop and take part in outdoor activities. 

Detached Youth Work

In partnership with other local organisations, our staff work in the community and engage with young people in their spaces.


This gives young people the opportunity to take part in volunteering, skills, physical activities and residentials.

Community Events

We often hold events that the local community are able to participate in, this is a fun way to development community ties.

Summer Project

Throughout the summer holidays we run a summer programme for young people from the local community.