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We have a dedicated team of youth workers that support the young people we work with. They work across the multiple projects that we run and are fully committed to engaging with young people from their starting points. You can find out more about our staff below!

Darren – Youth and Community Manager


Darren has worked at Walton Youth Project for 25 years and is the Youth and Community Manager. He overseas the running of the project and works collaboratively with other organisations so that the young people of North Liverpool are given the best support possible.

Why did you become a youth worker?
I originally got into youth work after working at a variety of different outdoor activity centers and I saw the good work that the youth workers back up in Newcastle were doing. I decided I wanted to have the same impact that they did and now here I am!

Why do you enjoy working at Walton Youth & Community Project?
No two days are the same, it certainly isn’t a boring job! I really enjoy working face to face with the young people and that’s something that often people perceive those in management positions are too busy to do. I love the management side of it but nothing beats face to face work, that’s the bread and butter of the job. My favorite aspect of working here has got to be taking the young people to Play Away in Yorkshire for the residential’s, it’s hard work but great fun!

What do you like to do outside of work?
I love getting outdoors in my VW Camper-van. You’ll quite often find me in the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales or Snowdonia hiking, camping or sailing!


Katie – Youth and Community Worker

Alongside working at Walton Youth & Community Project I am a student at Edge Hill University. I study Childhood and Adolescent Mental Health and Well-being. I am passionate when it comes to mental health and well-being because I feel that it is a vital area that we all need to make a priority to look after ourselves in every aspect. I believe that everyone’s feelings are valid, self-care is essential, communicating with others can help, slowing down and taking small steps are progress because how quick you get to where you want to be doesn’t matter because forward is forward 😊.

Why did you become a youth worker? 
Since I was a kid, I always wanted to be a mentor to other people to help individuals through life, however I turned the opposite way and became a make-up artist and a florist. It wasn’t until 2013 that I jumped on the youth work bandwagon as I realised that I should have listened to the younger me because this is what I wanted to do. The reason behind this is that I love helping and guiding people in positive directions, offering support and enabling people to reach goals no matter how small or big they are.  

Why do you enjoy working at WYP?  
Working with the young people to make sure they get the best out of our project. Being able to support in taking all of the young people away on trips and to residential places where they can build up their confidence, social skills and seeing them being themselves whilst being away from today’s societal pressures. Also, being a staff member that can get involved in all of these fun and positive experiences and every day is different.  

What do you like to do outside of work?
Listening to music (couldn’t live without it) and you will more than likely find me at gigs, festivals and open mic nights/local music events most of the time. I also enjoy binge watching t.v series and going to the cinema to watch any marvel or historical/true story movies. Above all of this I love FOOD and frequently go out to eat to all different places and I am always up for trying new cuisines and dishes no matter how weird they are.

Favourite quote?  
“You have $86,400 in your account. If someone stole $10 from you, would you be upset and throw the other $86,390 away? We have 86,400 seconds in every day. Don’t let a negative ten seconds ruin the rest of the 86,390 seconds in your day.”  


Hannah  – Youth and Community Worker

I began at Walton Youth Project as a placement student on my MA Youth and Community Work course at Liverpool Hope, which then led to my start as a staff member. Before my Masters studies, I completed my undergraduate degree in Childhood and Youth Studies and Psychology. I was intending to go into a psychology-based role after I completed my undergraduate degree; however, I chose to continue on my Masters after having a taster session on ‘What is Youth Work’, which I enjoyed and found really interesting. 

Why did you become a youth worker? 
I didn’t really know about being a Youth Worker until I started university, but I’ve always enjoyed volunteering my time to help others by hosting fundraisers and helping out in my local community at home in Northern Ireland. I realised when I started volunteering more with young people here in Liverpool that I really enjoyed helping out and making a positive difference in their lives, which is what led me to studying towards becoming a Youth Worker. I couldn’t imagine myself in a role other than this, where I get to work with young people to support them and help them achieve their goals. 

Why do you enjoy working at WYP?
Since I’ve started my placement here, I’ve been welcomed in by both staff and young people. There’s such a good energy and atmosphere in the centre, and it’s the young people that really make every day different. I think Walton Youth & Community Project is a great place for young people to positively grow and develop into their best selves, and the staff are amazing at supporting them to do this. 

What do you like to do outside of work?  
Any free time I have is usually spent trying new baking recipes (and finding people to taste test them!) or else reading a new book with a lovely cup of tea. I also enjoy exploring around Liverpool and finding new restaurants or activities to try out!