Well-being Wednesday

Due to the impact of COVID-19, all of our youth sessions are operating on bubble systems to keep capacity at a safe level. Please contact the staff team for further information.

Wellbeing Wednesdays aims to improve individual’s social, emotional and physical wellbeing. This session consists of the delivery of issue based sessions that young people vote for such as mental health awareness, healthy relationships, body image, hate crime and so on. Additionally, sports and cooking, sports and therapeutic art sessions are also an option for children and young people to get involved in to promote healthy eating, developing fitness, mindfulness and relaxation.

Activities: –

· Cooking

· Issue based delivery

· Sports sessions such as football, cricket, basketball and dodgeball.

· Arts and Crafts

Positive outcomes and skills:-

· Teamwork and delegation skills

· Communications skills

· Chance to talk in groups or solely with staff about mental health and wellbeing

· Gaining valuable knowledge around current issues and developing life skills.

· Cooking skills

· Confidence building

· Social skills