During these difficult times we have been doing our best to continue supporting our community!

We have been working extra hard during this difficult period to make sure that our local community is receiving the support they need. Before we closed the centre we emptied our shelves collected our final few food donations from Tesco and put it all outside. This was greatly appreciated by the local community and plenty of people knocked to say thank you and some were even kind enough to give us donations. These donations are now being put to good use, but you will have to wait to find out what we have planned or it will ruin the surprise!

Last Friday some of our staff went out to do welfare visits to all of our NEP students. It goes without saying that they stuck to the social distancing rules! On these welfare visits, staff were able to check in and see how the young people are getting on with the work that they have been set, but more importantly to check in on their wellbeing. At the core of our NEP programme is ensuring that our students are happy and healthy and this is even more important now. Staff had some brilliant conversations with young people and their families and it was great to see that everyone is looking forward to engaging with their work after the long (sunny!) Easter break.

After this the staff went in and checked in on a number of young people who are supported through our 1-1 programme. This again generated some really positive conversations and the young people are looking forward to eventually being able to meet with us at City Road!

It was so pleasing to see that many of our young people and families have put up photos in there windows showing support for key workers and the NHS! Here is one of our favourites!

Speak soon!
Walton Youth Project