WYP team up with One Life Share It to support our young people

Firstly, a huge thank you to the gang at One Life Share It for contacting us about supporting our young people. Last summer the Chick Family visited our Street Club as they took part in ‘Round The UK On A Tenner A Day’. They traveled around the UK coastline living on a ‘tenner’ a day in their Morris Campervan, connecting with other people across the UK who seek to make positive change. The Chick Family received a meal from us and met the young people from our Youth Night sessions. The young people were amazed at their project and got on really well with the young members of the family. It was certainly a memorable occasion!

The Chick family are now looking to support young people and families across the UK by sending out spouting jars full of goodies, seeds and positive words of encouragement to support people during this uncertain period. This new project ‘Sowing Seeds’ is all about showing those that are struggling during lockdown that they are not alone and that people do care about them. The Chick Family are bridging the gaps that divide us and extending a hand of friendship to those across the UK – we think this is absolutely fantastic. The family got in touch with us at WYP and thought that the young people we work with may benefit from this kind gesture. We exchanged details and over the last couple of days our young people have received their packages through the post and are absolutely delighted with their gifts! A number of the young people received their gifts whilst taking part in online sessions with the staff and it was amazing to see their reactions, they couldn’t stop smiling!

We cannot thank The Chick Family enough for their kindness, friendship and support during this difficult time. It is great to see how our local community and the much wider community is coming together to support one another. 

To help support the amazing work The Chick Family are doing on their ‘Sowing Seeds: The Project’, you can click HERE to donate. 

For more information about The Chick Family and their project, click HERE!