Youth Night

Youth Club, specifically for those aged 9-19 years old, runs two nights a week and offers young people from all over the city a chance to participate in a wide range of activities.

Young people experience a warm and safe environment where they can meet with their friends, make new ones and explore their individuality through activities such as arts and crafts, sport, and drama.


Youth Club runs every Tuesday, Wednesday from 6pm -8pm.

Along with the fantastic activities and sessions we run we also engage with seniors by providing informal, monthly educational sessions too.

Each session costs just £1.
You will need to become a member, which but it doesn’t cost anything to join. To join you can complete the form when you come to the Club.

Youth Club is about having “Somewhere to go, Something to do, and Someone to talk to”.


Negotiated Education Programme

The Negotiated Education Programme (NEP) aims to enrich the educational experience of young people who have been, or who are on the verge of exclusion or have been missing from mainstream education.

Our unique approach engages young people in learning, enabling them to develop confidence, enthusiasm whilst gaining qualifications and transferable skills for life.

Based at the North Liverpool Award Centre the NEP provides

  • Tailored programmes that take into account individual learning needs and styles
  • Self identification of individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Individual requirements built into personalized contracts addressing behaviour, attendance, punctuality and attitudes to learning
  • Qualified and experienced team of staff
  • Partnership work offering enhanced learning opportunities
  • Community based learning
  • A range of accredited programmes tailored to the abilities and interests of the individual young people

Our negotiated programme makes learning accessible to young people, providing a supportive pathway to re-engagement in full-time education and progression to a positive future.

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Detached Youth Work

Detached Youth Workers meet young people and member of the community offer street based youth work provision

Youth work -

"Detached youth work is a model of youth work practice, targeted at vulnerable young people, which takes place on young people’s own territory such as streets, cafes, parks and pubs at times that are appropriate to them and on their terms. It begins from where young people are in terms of their values, attitudes, issues and ambitions and is concerned with their personal and social development. It is characterised by purposeful interaction between youth workers and young people and utilises a range of youth and community work methods". The Princes Trust


Holiday Club

A club to keep you entertained and busy though schools holidays.

open 3 days per week, based at our Streetclub in Alsop School, Walton Village.

Additional Support Programme

To develop a strategy to cope with everyday situations. contact us for more information.

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